Our story

We are YALI. Inspired by the paintings of the Italian Old Masters. Our garments are crafted with traditional techniques and materials sourced from their local communities, such as raw silks from Suzhou and organic cottons from Nankeen

Our mission is to make clothes to treasure, that will never go out of fashion and will stay in your wardrobe forever.

We use pure and natural textiles such as Suzhou silk and Nankeen linen that develop unique imperfections over time, telling the story of the person who wears them.

YALI Logo Story 

YALI's Logo is handcrafted and designed by Mheain, a Chinese artist, who is based in Caochangdi, an art village in the north of Beijing.


Mheain reimagined the ancient figure of the Zhong Kui transferring it into a stone stamp, this mythological figure engraved on the stone symbolizes a protector guardian spirit. The Zhong Kui protects YALI's tribe.


For any inquiries and to book a try on sessions at our New York Showroom; contact us:

☞ team@yalitribe.com

YALI Shipping & Exchange Policies