Waris Ahluwalia’s all day Pyjama - Tea Party playlist

Have some tea. 

Listen to Pyjama Party #2.

This week "Pyjama Party" playlist has been curated by Waris Ahluwalia. 

Founder of House of Waris Botanicals, American Designer, and Globetrotter, a title we've endowed him with, shares music that inspires and the details of his dream PJ party.

YALI: If you could invite anyone in the world, who would be your plus one to the Pyjama party? 


Waris: Plus one? Better to come in with a with a crew: Salvador Dali, Nico, Ricky Bobby, Dolly Parton, Allen Ginsberg, Maddie Moon, Anna Karina as Marianne Renoir (Pierrot le Fou) Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde.

YALI: Where would you host your Pyjama Party?


Waris: Disney World.

YALI: What be your drink of choice?


Waris: Love Conquers All, iced. 

We want our tribe to have a forever memory of the feeling of wearing YALI clothes. 


We want our tribe to experience wearing YALI clothing with all five senses. 


YALI has always delivered the vivid experience of feeling soft silk or smooth velvet  on your skin through our clothing... Now, we're adding music. 


Pia and Yali Team