Stuck at Home? We got you.  Have a Pyjama Party.

YALI's first playlist in our new Spotify series called "Pyjama Party" has been curated by Gillian Sagansky.

DJ, contributing editor for W Mag, and our girl crush sets the vibes for "Pyjama Party N1" and answers our burning questions about her ideal pyjama party. 



YALI: If you could invite anyone in the world, who would be on your dream guest list?
GILLIAN: A meeting of the minds with pillow fights, popcorn and party tricks. Invitees would include: Malcolm Gladwell, Werner Herzog, Kenneth Anger, Pedro Almodóvar, Slavoj Žižek, Patti Smith, and Ellen Degeneres.

YALI: What would be your drink of choice? 
GILLIAN: Frozen Margaritas.

We want our tribe to have a forever memory of the feeling of wearing YALI clothes. 

We want our tribe to experience wearing YALI clothing with all five senses.

If you are receiving this you probably already have experienced the vivid feel of soft silk… 
Now, let's add music.

Pia and Yali Team