Painting in Pyjama's with Brianna Lance

YALI presents "Pyjama Party Playlist N5" curated by Brianna Lance as part of our "Forever Memory of YALI" movement.

New York Artist, Creative Director for @poolcreatives, and Plant Enthusiast paints with us and shares music that inspires her.



YALI: If you could invite anyone in the world to your Pyjama Painting Party, who would you invite?
BRIANNA: Right now all of my friends I really miss.  But anytime in history I am obsessed with doing dinners with Pyschist and gurus. Like one with Ram Das and theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli.

YALI: What is your favorite beverage to sip on when painting?
BRIANNA: I’m obsessed with Diet Gingerale lately. It is super bad for you but for some reason I have been really craving it. 

YALI:  What is one artist that has inspired you recently?
BRIANNA: I’ve been really into these ancient Hindu paintings lately.  The colors are so beautiful and they are so intricate.   

YALI: We know you are a plant enthusiast. What kind of plant do you think everyone should have in their home? 
BRIANNA: Pothos. They are so easy, can survive in any light and really really hard to kill. Also, rubber trees are really strong plants. It’s best to have plants that you can keep alive.