Lola Moore's Perfect Day in Upstate New York

Lola Moore's Guide to Andes, NY 

 Lola shows us all her favorite outdoor activities and places to shop local while staying in upstate New York.
Wake up in Nature next to a little stream.
First Thing! Buy Local Produce from town
(goat cheese, meat, eggs, apples, mushrooms).
Wearing my YALI Pyjama and Puffer to Russell's Store. 
After returning home I like to get outside in nature. Go for a five-mile walk in the forest trails, along the river, and over two mountains.
Visit Ken Hiratsuka's Japanese Zen Garden with his totemic stones that you may have seen on Bond Street in NYC.
Enjoying Fresh Air and spending time with family. 
Wearing the YALI St. Moritz Puffer.
Wearing my YALI Copper Robe for the afternoon.
Thanks for coming along! I also made a playlist for you :) 
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