Bec Adams: The DJ Of Our Dreams

This week we chatted with Bec Adams and discussed how she has paved her way in the music industry and provided a creative platform for female musicians to do the same. By founding Les Filles, a female music agency, Bec is able to enlighten companies on how music should be used as an asset to strengthen a brands unique mission.

Bec’s mission to empower and celebrate women in the music industry is inspiring to us all. Being a musician herself, she also shares how her mood dictates what she listens to on a daily basis.

Don’t forget to turn on Bec's spectacular music playlist. You won't want to miss it!

YALI: Tell us about Les Filles and what it's like to own a female music agency?
 Les Filles is a female music agency that I founded to provide females with a platform to be creative within the music and entertainment industry, and to educate brands and companies on how they can use music as a resourceful tool to enhance their community, identity and message. I am proud that Les Filles in the age of instagram has surpassed being a popularity contest. All the female talent are musicians, and or work within the music industry, so we can provide clients with extensive knowledge on all of their music needs.

Owning a female music agency has its challenges, but there has been so much progress made within the industry in the years we have been in existence, and I already feel so proud of providing women a platform to get the jobs that were previously reserved for men, by way of conscious or subconscious stereotypes. 

YALI: If you had to describe yourself as a genre of music, which genre would you be?
BEC: Oooo I think this is nearly impossible, as my varying moods change all the answers. On a Monday when I am melancholic, I will listen to soft ambient, orchestral or jazz - think Brian Eno, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alice Coltraine. On a Friday when I want to dance, I will listen to disco, funk, world and pop - think. Arthur Russel, the Doing it in Lagos compilation, Caribou and Ata Kak.

YALI:  Who do you consider your personal style influences?
BEC: I am in love with Sofia Coppola's style, as it exudes grace and femininity.