Anne McNally's Famous Sunday Roast

Hello YALI Tribe,

Iconic Euro-New Yorker, Editor at AIRMAIL, Style and Culture Inspiration, and YALI Tribe Member Anne McNally Shares with us one of her favorite dinners: A Sunday Roast Perfect for Fall and a great fantasy guest list for it. 

So, get cozy in your Velvet YALI, run to the grocery, grab the ingredients, pre-heat your ovens.



YALI: If you Could Invite anyone to your dinner party, who would it be?
ANNE: Barack and Michelle Obama, Roger Federer, Luchino Visconti, Greta Thunberg, Rudolf Nureyev, Oscar Wilde, Gerhart Richter, Muhamed Ali, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Queen Elizabeth. 

Anne is an impeccable host. So, of course, she made you a playlist as well.

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